My name is Montse Medina and I would like to welcome you to my project: Més Que Verd.

MQV has its origins in reflection, my own experiences and from the joy of learning new things every day.

Since my childhood I have enjoyed being around the kitchen. And being a mother to a large family, I have been lucky enough to have learnt the importance of feeding others. Moreover, the discovery of healthy eating has taken me much further: to start up my own company.

Changing my eating habits has led me to know at first hand how some illnesses and conditions are directly related to what and how we eat. Through these positive experiences, my journey began. Initially through reading about the world of healthy eating, without dieting or blaming myself, only by listening to my own body and reading as much as I could on the subject.

My interest and enthusiasm to learn more led me to do theoretical and practical courses on natural, energetic and healthy food by professionals such as Montse Vallory and Anna Grau.

I improved my professional skills by taking my degree at IFP Roger de Llúria on Oriental and Naturist Dietetics and Naturist and Therapeutic Cooking. In 2017 I finished my studies on Macrobiotic cooking and diet at ESMACA (Escola de Macrobiòtica de Catalunya) and at the present I keep on improving my skills as a cook by following the Course Cooking Integral at HOFMANN Culinary School.

The expression “you are what you eat” is definitely true. Our shopping basket can do great things for us and the world in which we live.

Therefore I believe in a diet that connects us with the earth, based on the vegetable kingdom to its full extent and where nobody suffers, neither people nor animals. I believe in the need to look after the lands on which the plants that keep us alive grow and the rivers that water those lands, the work of the farmers to grow crops and that all this has a lot to do with the decisions I make when filling my shopping basket.

I have realised that a healthy diet results in better health, both physical and psychological and after a lot of listening, analysing and thinking, making my own decisions makes me feel better.


Why “Més Que Verd”?

Translated Més Que Verd is More than Green. Contrary to what we hear a lot of the time, eating healthily is not just eating lettuce and greens. It is releasing our senses to a world full of colours, textures, tastes and aromas. It is being open to traditional cooking from both near and far and understanding new ways of cooking, to a food festival whether it be celebrating a special occasion or a pack lunch.

This is why Més Que Verd has been created, to allow you to take home some healthy food habits. Some workshops are for learning about a varied, healthy and fun diet together or as support to help you change some habits.

You don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan, nor do you have to wear a label round your neck to enjoy these workshops. You only need to be keen to get to know a kind of cooking respectful of our body and our environment and to have a great time cooking and eating.