We often feel we need to have a change of diet, but we don’t know where to start. We hear people talking about going on a diet, miracle products and healthy food, but with ingredients that have such strange names it all seems very complicated.

Més Que Verd offers help in order to achieve these changes in habits. You will find out how your body works, what each group of foods provide us with, how to combine and cook foods that you already know and others that are new to you.

Tick the objectives list and Més Que Verd will advise you on:

mesqueverd_favicon_16  Change in diet
mesqueverd_favicon_16 Guidelines to create a menu (personal, family, for work)
mesqueverd_favicon_16 Assessment and advice on shops where you can buy health products, ecological and slow food products
mesqueverd_favicon_16 Home visits to advise you on making changes in your kitchen cupboards, fridge and the kitchen in general and that way making the transition towards new eating habits easier